Through The Promised Land

Through The Promised Land

Through The Promised Land follows THE GERMAN (Martin Schwab) as he crosses the United States from the east coast to the west. He has left his family behind, and set out for his new job as a professor of literature at a California university. The people he meets, and the adventures that come his way, define a segment of his life in a most particular way. Above all the film is a true piece of independent filmmaking that looks at America through eyes of an outsider.

This feature-length film was directed by DW Kirkeby and Marc Katz and was shot on a 16mm Arriflex camera.

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Music by John Albert

Through the Promised Land stars:

  • Martin Schwab as The German
  • Moses Hacmon as Tom
  • David King as Joe
  • John Merry as Jerry
  • Diedre Spicer as The Dean
  • Luke Watkins as The Golfer
  • Stuart Sims as The Collector
  • Natalie Oleinik as Driver One
  • Patrick Williams as Driver Two
  • Alexander Harte as The Sheriff
  • Erin Schultz as Janet
  • Darius Rafiyan as Igor
  • Kim Anderson as Sara
  • Brian Papke as The Clerk
  • Jordan Elliott as Troubadour

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